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Über Xenia Mantares

Bitte gebt mir noch ein paar Tage, diesen Text auf deutsch noch einmal zu schreiben. Danke für euer Verständnis.

21.01.2022, Xenia Mantares

Hello, that´s me – Xenia Mantares. Here I´d like to give you some more informations about me. First of all – surprise, surprise – I´m a woman. And – second surprise – I like latex, rubber and more kinky stuff. Maybe that´s the reason that you are here? Becauce you´ve found my pictures on my Twitter, Fetlife or Instagram?

Ok, I will give you some more informations about me. I´m younger than 30 years. Really :). I´m German. I live together with my husband in South-Germany. Yes, I´m in love with my husband. He´s very proud of me and my nice pictures.

We are absolutely not looking for any (sexual) activities with strangers (or friends). We just like to share our pictures and some things from our live with you. Just to make it clear, because I got so many ugly Messages on Insta… But I wanna tell you what I like, not what I don´t like.. I love tattoos. Some of them you can see through some of my Latex-Stuff.

I have a Backpiece Tattoo and both legs are completely tattood. Actually we made plans for my arms getting tattooed… Of cource, i love wine. You will see it on many pictures. Like most people i love holidays and traveling. Wellness. Relaxing. Music – for example Oldies. Don´t laugh – it´s the truth..

And – very important for me – i love animals. We have a dog and a few cats. Animal rights are very important for us. If you want to know more about me, please write a comment or your question under my newest Instagram-Picture. I will answer there. Please no direct message. My newest adventures 😉 and thought´s you´ll find here. Thank you so much for visiting my page. Xenia Mantares