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I got a lot of direct messages with questions at Instagram (and a lot of ugly messages also) and – sorry guys – I ´ll never reply to any direct/private message there. The reason is easy. I´m married, I have a family, animals, enough friends, a job & hobbies. I´m not looking for new contacts. And of course, we all know what a lot of the guys really want. Sorry, I´m not interested.

Last but not least – I got more than 10 Messages from different followers. Every day. If I only chat with each of you 5-6 minutes, it´s one hour a day… and five minutes are nothing. So it´s not possible.

Please understand and accept it.

If you have any questions, you can write it under my newest Instagram-Picture. I will reply there. And I will also answer the questions and my answers here, becauce there are often the same questions. Please let me know if you want that I write down your Insta-Name here or not. If you write nothing, I don´t write your name here.

From time to time I will start a “Question & Answer” on Instagram. That´s also a nice feature for Questions & Answers :):

And please: Be respectful. If you are not, you will be blocked. That sounds a little bit uptight… but I don´t like more messages with “wanna f***?” and more stuff like this… Sorry.

But I know: Most of you guys are nice, sweet and respectful. I like you. Really. I´m really looking forward for your questions.

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Questions & Answers - January 22nd, Instagram

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