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Welcome to my diary. The diary of Xenia Mantares. In this diary / blog you will find everything happening in my life, important enough to share with you. Xenia Mantares

Diary of Xenia Mantares, October 12th

Xenia Mantares Fetish

Hello again,

I´ m still on my break with this diary. But there is something new I´d like to tell you.

The summer has gone, a lot of travels are done… I think from now I have more time for some kinky stuff…

Most people know that Instagram is not really open to kinky stuff… but I still want to share kinky stuff… and sometimes I like to share stuff what I can´t post on my Instagram

So I started to share this stuff on FetLife and Twitter. Have fun there…

Xenia Mantares

Diary of Xenia Mantares -currently closed -

Xenia Mantares Privacy

My dear,

you have surely noticed that I can no longer update this diary every few days. There are several reasons for this, the most important is the time factor.

We are very busy with our small family and also travel a lot. Especially now that the days are getting warmer again and the corona restrictions have become less, the time I (would like to) spend in front of the computer is no longer as much as it was a few months ago.

We have also decided to make our private life outside of latex a little more private again. My husband Stephan has also completely put his social media activities outside of his tattoo studio on hold at the moment.

But I won’t go that far, there’s still a photo of me every two days on Insta.

Of course I will continue to work on this page again. I’ll also be doing more shoots, posting pics – especially the ones that aren’t suitable for Insta – and we already have quite a few tickets to fetish parties again over the next few months.

Then I will definitely write reports again. There will certainly be something to read about one or the other highlight outside of latex, but you can see that in my Insta-Story. Currently I have a list of the really good parties, shops and manufacturers in mind, which I would like to write in the next few weeks. But you can also see that in my Insta-Story.

However, I am officially putting the daily diary on hold for the time being. Thank you for reading, thank you for your nice comments, thank you for your likes and your support.

Bye for now.

Xenia Mantares

Diary of Xenia Mantares, March 31th

What I did on Saturday you can read on my diary entry below. Saturday was really nice, but Sunday was even better. My husband suggested… continue reading

Diary of Xenia Mantares, March 27th

The last days/weeks I was very, very busy so I didn´t have much time for fetish or other hobbies… and when I had free time, I just enjoyed nature. Becauce the weather in bavaria was very, very nice. So I didn´t have much time to write diary entries here…

Usually I liked to go to the Shout!-Fetish-Party in Leipzig yesterday. But… we didn´t have the time for a party weekend and driving 450 km oneway… so we missed the party, bought the tickets for nothing… and we didn´t dressed us in latex. We just enjoyed nice bavarian weather and food in a big beergarden in munich an cinema on saturday night. Of course… that was a really nice day, but nothing special. Only fetish-thing there was my latex-shirt and my “Swedish Collar”… but I´m pretty sure, I´ll have more exciting Fetish-Content for you in the next weeks. Trust me.

Have a very good week.

Xenia Mantares

Diary of Xenia Mantares, March 17th

Xenia Mantares Koppermann Artwork

The Shooting with Jan one day before was so much fun, so we decided to go with him to “The WOW! Gallery” for the next shooting. Do you know “The WOW! Gallery”? It´s a place just with 25 Sets for Shootings.

Usually u have to make a reservation in advance, but on this Friday morning it was very empty. So we had a lot of time to make nice pictures. Now we have a few nice pictures at Stephans iphone, but we won´t show you this until Jan has published his photos… and it´s no big surprise: The professional pictures are much better than the iphone pictures.

Later we went to Chronomatic, than to Feitico and last but not least to Fantastic Rubber…. Yes, I have some new Latex, you will see…

Last but not least we go to a soccer match. Munich 1860 away in Berlin. And again… Cold as hell… maybe it´s a nice sport, but not in Winter. With the final whistle we left Berlin by car, but we will come back soon.

Diary of Xenia Mantares, March 13th

Xenia Mantares, Fetish-Model in Berlin

And again: (Fetish-) Trip to Berlin

Last time we went to Berlin was in January to buy some Latex at Fantastic Rubber and also nice stuff at Schwarzer Reiter. Two months later we had three good reasons to drive to Berlin.

First: My Latex from Fantastic Rubber was ready – only two months after ordering.

Second: I had my first “real” photo shooting. Some photographers asked for shootings, but my husband and me decided to try it first with “Koppermannartworks”. Most pictures you can see on my Insta till now are made by ourselves with a Iphone… we love this pictures and most important: It´s fun for us… but we know: A photographer can do (or should can do ;)) better photos.

Third: Munich 1860 had a Soccergame in Berlin – a good reason for my husband.

And of course, there are so many more nice things to do in Berlin…

In consultation with Jan (Koppermann) we booked a very nice room at the Hotel Riu Plaza Berlin, that should also be the photo location. We had a very nice and funny shooting with Jan at Thursday, so we decided to have dinner together and made another shooting at Friday morning at the WOW Gallery Berlin… but friday is another diary-entry…

Diary of Xenia Mantares, March 4th

Xenia Mantares Mödlareuth
Xenia Mantares, Mödlareuth

Have you read my last diary entry? It was about my bad feelings about the war. Appropriately we´ve been yesterday in Mödlareuth. That´s a small village which was divided after Worldwar 2. One half was German Democratic Republic (GDR), on half was Federal Republic of Germany. So the GDR part was for decades behind the wall. The other part belongs to FRG. Absolutely crazy.

Actually it´s still a village with about 40 people. And there is a museum with a film about the history of this village, old tanks and original parts of the wall.

I told you in January about my impressions from “Die Mauer” in Berlin. Yesterday it was very similar. I´m really thankful that I was born after the world wars. Humans shouldn´t be locked up. They shouldn´t fight or be afraid of losing their live.

Have a great weekend. I think I will have much more nice subjects in the future.

Xenia Mantares

Diary of Xenia Mantares, March 2nd

Xenia Mantares TSV 1860 - 1. FC Kaiserslautern

I´m so sorry that it´s not possible to keep this diary updated every second day. I have a lot of work and was a little bit sick. And nothing special happened, by the way. We made a lot of plans for spring and summer. Paris is calling, by the way… I´m so happy, we will visit Paris, the city of love. Finally.

Yesterday we´ve been again at soccer. Munich 1860 against 1. FC Kaiserslautern. This time it was much better than the game before. Better game, better atmosphere, better result and not so fu**ing cold.

By the way… the fu**ing war close to us makes me afraid. I hate war. Like everyone with a clear mind. Hopefully.

Diary of Xenia Mantares, February 22th

Ehrlich Brothers München
Xenia Mantares TSV 1860 München

What a weekend…

You know it: Sometimes on weekend nothing happens… You are just doing a few things at home, hanging around… and the weekend is over.

This weekend was really full with a lot of action.

But – I´m sorry – no fetisch action. Better said: No fetisch action fort he public.

At Friday we did a small shopping tour. We´ve visited Styleplanet Munich, but we didn´t buy anything. But it´s a nice shop. A few weeks bevor I bought a nice pair of shoes at domination munich, by the way… that´s the two fetish-shops in munich i´ve been in the last weeks..

Saturday was really full with action. First we had a nice dinner with the family at “Hans im Glück”. It´s a Burger-Restaurant with really nice vegetarian burgers. Later we went with the whole family to the Olympiahalle. For the Ehrlich Brothers Show. It was really fantastic. It was a great show. And it was a really great feeling, being with thousands of people in a (next to) full event hall.

Sunday we went again to the “Erdinger Therme”. It´s a really nice place, we´ve been there for 12 hours. It was like on January 3rd – there is a diary entry…  Maybe this time it was a little bit better ;)…

…but there is no light without shadow… In this case the shadow is the monday. I went with my husband to his favourite soccer team. Munich 1860. We had places in the VIP-Section, with nice food and good wine. Stephan and his tattoostudio is a sponsor of Munich 1860, so we had this very nice tickets… but there was also a soccer game and that was not very nice. And it was fxxxing cold outside. Munich 1860 lost. Most people in a very bad mood.

I will give it another try in a few weeks. I don´t know if they play better – but it´s much nicer weather. Hopefully.

Have a fantastic week.

Xenia Mantares.

Diary of Xenia Mantares, February 19th

Xenia Mantares Gran Canaria Maspalomas

I’m really thinking about what to write in this diary, because nothing spectacular happened

Maybe something about our last holiday on the canaries.

That’s it, I’ll write about Grand Canary und Tenerife, because we visited both islands on our trip..

Sadly we had bad luck with the weather, because of the so called calima. It was always warm and nice, much better than in Germany… but we weren´t abled to take good pictures outside, because the view was not that nice.

But we didn´t fly to the canaries for pictures, we were there for a nice holiday… and yes, it was really nice. We had warm weather and could recharge our batteries. And, by the way, we are really happy with the pictures we took indoors.

I´m pretty sure you will see more of them in the next weeks.

Do you like to know something special about the islands or our holiday? Please write it in the comments of my newest picture on Instagram. It´s the picture on the couch with the glas of wine. We took it at the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife… it´s a really nice place. In a remoted location, but the rooms are really, really nice…

Have a wonderful Weekend

Xenia Mantares

Diary of Xenia Mantares, February 12th

Xenia Mantares Baum fällen

Today I would like to tell you something about my day… I´m pretty sure, most of you didn´t expected that… Especially if you just know my pictures in latex, with a good glas of wine or in a luxury hotel..

We went to the woods today for some hard work. I´ve been doing this for some years… It´s a very good compensition to my regular work, or homework, Latex, whatever…

Like I told you many times before, I´m not a spoiled barbie…

So my husband and me were in the forest together and cut down trees.
To be exact:
I was responsible for handling the chainsaw and he punched the wedges into the trees with the sledgehammer.
Or he took some videos of me working. But he really loves to do pictures and videos of me…

We didn´t have a lot of time, becauce at 2 o clock it was time for soccer.

Only on TV today, of course. Munich 1860 away at Meppen. 3rd German Division.

My husband told me many times, that one of the best days in his life was in 1994 in Meppen. When Munich 1860 back again in the First German Football Division.
That´s one of the reasons why he loves to be with Munich 1860 away at Meppen… Sweet Memories. For him, of course.
Beyond Meat Burger Xenia Mantares
But today he was a good husband and did some nice work with me in the fores.

Very nice.

I was a very good wife and made some yummy Burgers.

Beyond Meat Burgers, of course. It´s unbelievable.

If you don´t know that it isn´t really meat, you will never realize…

So today was a really good day. Doing some nice work, having good food without  any animal suffering… of course, no excessive party or something like that, but a really nice day.

Later I will post some Pictures on Instagram with my new friend.

It´s a plastic-/rubber-friend. I´m really in love with this new toy ;)…

Have a fantastic weekend.

Xenia Mantares

Diary of Xenia Mantares, February 11th

Xenia Mantares Fetisch

Usually I´d like to start sharing my holiday memories & pictures this weekend… but of course, I owe you a foto…

It was no big surprise for me, but 96% wanna see my butt…. ehm, the whole picture, of course. Ok, here we go… As you can read below, Insta deleted one of my pictures this week, so now I´m a little bit careful… so you can find the picture only in my gallery.

This weekend I´m on the road, so you will get my holiday memories next week. Have a great weekend.

Xenia Mantares

Diary of Xenia Mantares, February 9th

Xenia Mantares Knebel

Actually I´d like to restart my diary with somethin nice. As you can see on my Instagram-Account, we were on holidays last week and I have so many nice memories…

But Insta decided to delete on of my last pictures. The gag in my mouth was to much sexual content. Ok, I didn´t know that… and I don’t want to complain.

They give us the platform, they make the rules. But I don´t really understand what´s the problem. Especially, when I´m thinking which kind of content you can find on Facebook & Instagram.

Anyway…. Now I know, which pictures I have to share on this homepage only. You will find my Holiday-Memories here in the next days…

Xenia Mantares

PS: I created a backup-account. I really want to respect the Insta-Rules and I hope, they will never delete my account… but who knows? Please give me a follow @miss_stihl.

Thank you very much.

Diary of Xenia Mantares, January 25th

Xenia Mantares TSV 1860 Tattoo

A new week has started. Do you remember January 5th, when I was in Berlin at Fantasticrubber? Today I got a good message. The first items are ready and shipped to us. So we can make some new pictures.

I have a question: Which pictures do you like? Which scenario? Just me? Me and another Girl? Me and a men? Which Background? Please let me know what you like… Write it under my last picture on Insta.

And guys, I´m really sorry, but I actually didn´t have the time to answer more of your questions in my Q & A. It´s a little bit stressful at work, a lot of things to do… but I hope I´ll find time for that in the next days. I give my very best.

Xenia Mantares

Diary of Xenia Mantares, January 23rd

Xenia Mantares Fragen und Antworten
What can I report from the weekend? Of course, I can´t write everything I did.

Actually it´s mostly nothing spectacular.

Saturday afternoon i went for a coffee with friend. Coffeetime was at 2 pm, so my husband could watch football on TV.

Shortly before kick-of the game was canceled. Corona, of course… but what can I say? I enjoyed coffee and my husband hat more time for a walk with the dog.

Unfortunately in drizzling rain. Sad but true ;).

At night we tested our new photo lamp…. Yeah, Latex-Time.

I think you will see one or two things from this test here in the future…

We thought, if we are doing Latex-Stuff it maybe a good idea to start my first “Question & Answer” on Instagram… but I got more than 50 Questions in the first minutes… impossible, to answer them all. Sorry Guys.

I answered a few questions on Insta and I will answer more questions here in the next days in my Q&A… but only a few every second day.

Sorry guys, it´s just a hobby…

Sunday weh ad a day of at the „Therme“ again… like you can read on January 3rd.


Have a good week, guys

Diary of Xenia Mantares, January 21st

Twice the work…

Xenia Mantares - Englisch - Deutsch

Ok Guys, I know it´s my own fault…

Why am I even asking? Maybe becauce I´m curious. And I was wondering, how much of you guys don´t understand my english texts… And how you can see, 29% say “English is not enough”. Puh…

You know, I´m a nice person. Sometimes ;).

Besides that, the weather isn´t nice, I can´t do much things outdoor and indoor activites are also limited actually.

So I decided to be diligent and to write all my textes in german also…

I´m not ready yet, but I think for today it´s enough. It´s weekend, even for a fetish-woman…

I think today I deserve a special red wine. Maybe you have a recommendation for me? If, please write it down under my newest Picture on Instagram.

Or maybe you want to buy me a glas of wine? Because I was a really hardworking girl? Just kidding… but I think it´s a good time, to have a look at my wishlist.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Xenia Mantares


Diary of Xenia Mantares, January 19th

Puzzle Hawai Ravensburger 5000 Teile

I think what i write today is boring for most of you guys. Of course – you are here on a fetish side. You´ve found a woman in latex on Instagram and now you are on her homepage. Maybe you want to read what´s my favourite dress. My favourite sextoy. My fetish. My dirty fantasies…

Of course, I will let you know all or most of this things. But not today. Nobody is 24 hours covered in latex and only thinking of fetish and sex. So what I did is… it´s a puzzle, ok? I love doing puzzles.

Ok, I think here are 80% leaving this homepage ;). But it´s the truth. I did many puzzles before and I will do many puzzles after this one. But this one will need a few more days… because it´s a 5000 pieces puzzle. And I told my husband, he promised me we will go to this island on the puzzle when the puzzle is done. He never said that, but maybe he don´t remember ;)…

By the way: It´s a puzzle about hawai. I´ve never been in hawai before. Maybe I have in the next days more interesting content. Sorry again, guys.

Diary of Xenia Mantares, January 17th

Xenia Mantares blue

Today I´m a little bit blue, as you can see… Of course, I chose this picture on my Instagram because you told me there you want to see more blue latex stuff. That’s the reason.

But today I saw – because a lot of you nice people reported to me – that someone stole my pictures to create a fake account. That makes me a little bit sad. I don´t want that people use my pictures. Especially i don´t like it, when they promise you anything to get your data or your money.

I promise to you: I have only one Insta-Account and only one website. This one. So if you want to make me happier: Please report this fake account to Insta. Or any fake-account you found with my pictures. And please let me know if you found my pictures on other websites or accounts.

Thank you so much.

Xenia Mantares

Xenia Mantares Fake-Account

Diary of Xenia Mantares, January 15th

Xenia Mantares Sea Shepherd

When you saw my last entry from visiting a cinema, you must thought I´m a spoiled girl. No, that´s not so. We were out for cinema again, but this time no luxury seat or food brought to our place. A regular ticket, nachos & popcorn and everything is perfect.

Last time I told you I like oldies, right? For example “Saturday Night at the Movies”.

Quote: “Saturday night at the movies, who cares what picture you see, when you’re huggin’ with your baby in the last row of the balcony?

They are so right. Life could be so easily so good.

But… at this time the movie was also good: Spencer, a movie about Lady Di. Time just flew by…

The picture is taken from the video what you´ve maybe seen in my Insta-Story. We just wanted to show how exquisite is our taste, becauce the cinema was almost empty… You don´t see so much at this picture, but two things there important for me: My Swedish Collar – and my “Sea Shepherd“-Sweatshirt. I support animal rights, of course.

Diary of Xenia Mantares, January 13th

Xenia Mantares Wine

It´s cold and snowing in Germany. But I think for most of you that´s no big surprise. We are actually thinking about flying a few days in the sun.

But it´s not so easy in this days. We have to take care about our Family Members. Our Jobs. Of Covid-Restrictions and Covid-Risk. No easy decisions. Two years ago we did a cruise in the carribean sea. Feels like ten years ago in this days.

But of cource: We are healthy. Our families are healthy. We could actually work and we have a house where we live. We have enough time for us and our hobbies. For example: This homepage and my Insta-Account. I got so many nice comments from you.

I think, I´m a lucky lady. The problem “can I go to holiday” or “where can I go” is not really a problem. It´s good to know that. Have a wonderful day.

Xenia Mantares

Diary of Xenia Mantares, January 11th

Xenia Mantares - Miss Mantares

Sometimes nothing spectacular happens what I can tell you. It´s a regular week with my regular work. Something to do in our house. A lot of things to organize for or house renovation. That´s boring for you, right?

It´s sadly, but corona incidence in germany is also present in our house and in our conversations. For my work it´s not really decisive. I can work in home office.

But maybe you know, my husband is owner of a big tattoostudio in munich. If incidence reach 1000 in munich – and it looks like that it will in the next days – they have to close.

But we know this situation from the last two years, they were closed for 8 months. It was horrible. Now for this time we were prepared. We have so many plans and things to do. Renovation at our house, now enough fitness equipment at home… we will make this time so good as possible.

But of course, we (he) would prefere to work and earn money.

Diary of Xenia Mantares, January 9th

Xenia Mantares Cinema

Do you like spiders? I´m not a typical woman and absolutely not afraid of spiders. The truth is: I have spiders in our house. Exactly: Tarantulas. Sometimes you can see them in my story.

Ok, that´s not really important for this day, but a nice initiation. Becauce we´ve been in the cinema, watching the new “Spiderman” movie.

Fact: I don´t need luxury. Fact two: But of cource, I enjoy it.  My husband made our reservation in the deluxe-section of the cinema. You have a lot of space, you can switch your seat nearly to a bed and you can order some food & drinks in advance online. At this time we had only a small snack (now meat), because we went out for dinner later. But we enjoyed this service in the cinema last year with tapas and wine. Really nice and really good.

The movie was in 3D and Dolby Atmos. Funny entertainment and a really nice evening.

Maybe it´s a surprise for you, but I don´t wear always latex. But insiders maybe noticed my collar from “Swedish Collar”.

Diary of Xenia Mantares, January 7th

Xenia Mantares Berlin

Guys, are you kidding me?

Usually I don´t care much about likes and followers. But of cource – I like it, if people like my pictures.

What actually happens is absolutely crazy. For this picture from our Berlin-Trip i´ve got more than 3000 likes on my Insta. That´s much more than my followers – actually. But my followers are also growing up nearly every minute.

Sometimes you don´t need a fotostudio, perfect weather or equipment. You just need a husband for holding your umbrella on a rainy day. And a old iphone for a selfie. No filter, no contrast. Sometimes it´s so easy….

Diary of Xenia Mantares, January 5th

Xenia Mantares Berlin

Short Trip to Berlin 🙂

This year starts really crazy.. We decided spontaneously to make a short Berlin-Trip. Why? Do you like my Latex-Stuff? At all pictures that you can actually see in my Gallery or at my Instagram, I wear Latex from Fantastic Rubber. I really love this stuff.

It´s about 1,5 years ago that we´ve been last time in Berlin and at Fantastic Rubber. And there are so many more nice things in Berlin for shopping or visiting. So we went by our car on a empty highway very fast to Berlin. First destination was “Fantastic Rubber”. I don´t tell you what we bought there, but you will see in the future. Trust me 😉

Also we made a short break at “Schwarzer Reiter”. That´s a very nice shop with very friendly staff. Here we also bought some things. Here it´s not 100% sure that you will see everything on my pictures… we will see.

Maybe for you it´s boring, but we visited “DIE MAUER”. It was very impressive. For more Information in english you can visit the official website. Or you can go to the page of my husband and see some private pictures and our thoughts in german. Last but not least we went to Brandenburger Tor for some pictures with Latex 🙂

What we also did in Berlin it´s private. Sorry Guys.

Diary of Xenia Mantares, January 3rd

Xenia Mantares Therme Erding

This was a really fantastic day. We were in the World biggest Therme, the Therme Erding.

Do you know this place? There are more than 25 different Saunas. In the big Sauna Area you can only enter if you are 16 years or older. It´s a complete nude area. Bathclothings are in this area not allowed.

Acutally it´s not so crowded like usually, becauce of Covid-Restrictions there are only 25% of capacity allowed. But of cource, actually you have to do online reservation in advance to have a chance to get in.

Fore some extra money you can buy you some extra space or privacy… for example a relax egg, space in a lounge or a private chalet. Of cource, we used this. Sometimes it´s good to have some privacy at crowded places ;).

We had a fantastic day. Sauna, nude bathing, cocktails in the water, relaxing, very good food… it was like a perfect holiday.

Usually u don´t will see so much from my inked skin… but i think, you prefere latex 😉

Diary of Xenia Mantares, January 1st

Xenia Mantares Fetish & Wine
Xenia Mantares, Diary Start

Which date could be better to start a diary than January the 1st?

Most people start this date with resolutions for the new year. Doing more sport, drinking less wine or something like that.

That´s not me. I don´t need a date to change things in my life or doing something better than before.

But of cource, i made plans for 2022. More precisely: We made plans for 2022. We want to change many things at our house to make it much nicer and more comfortable.

We have a lot of places in our head for our holidays. A lot of tickets for concerts are booked. Of cource, there are some Fetish-Parties in our calendar.

But you know, like in the last two years – we don´t know what really happens. But i will start with only positiv thoughts.

What I did on Saturday you can read on my diary entry below. Saturday was really nice, but Sunday was even better. My husband suggested to make a tip to the tegernsee. What can I say… It was beautiful. On days like this I plan to spend my next...