Believe it or not: I never thought about making a wishlist or getting a donation for a coffee or a wine. I just love to make this latex-pictures and to share them on Instagram. Of cource, I like the reactions ;)…

Miss Xenia Mantares
I started my Insta-Account account in summer 2021. Then I got so many positive reactions. And a lot of followers. I know, some Fetish-Model have 10k, 100k or even more Followers. But for me it´s a hobby. More than thousand was a lot for me. So I started with this little homepage in December 2021.

Then I got the first message. Someone asked, if it´s possible to make a gift for me and my husband. Wow. Than another guy ask on the Insta of my husband, if it´s possible to make donations for us.

That’s great. It shows, that people like what we do. And what they see ;). That makes me happy. And of course: If someone likes to buy for me – for example – a new pair of shoes, I really appreciate it. And for you it´s more different stuff on my pictures. It´s a typical win-win if you like my pictures.

If someone send´s me money for a glas wine, I will buy a glas of wine, of course.

But – you make me also happy if you make a donation for Sea Shepherd , PETA or you local animal shelter. You can make a screenshot of your donation and mark me on your Insta-Story, for example. I will repost this, if you like. I really like to help to make this world to a better place for animals (and humans, of course).

Here is now my little wishlist.

Amazon Wishlist Xenia Mantares

Or you can buy me a glas of wine, of course

A glas of Wine for Xenia Mantares

Thank you very much.

Xenia Mantares